Can Mas Vila is a house that was already in the census books of the town of 1479. Its name comes from one of its first owners, “En Vila”. The name kept changing from Mas d’en Vila until today when it is known as Can Mas Vila. The first ascendants of the current owners who lived in the house date back to the 19th century, when Pau Mercader Esqueu and Rita Formiga Bosch bought the house on 25 November 1878.

The house has undergone many renovations since then, but the most important one was when it had to be rebuilt almost from scratch during the War of Independence, as it was burned by the French, and currently, when it was adapted for rural tourism. This farm had always been dedicated to the typical farming of the area: planting wheat, barley, vines for our own consumption, etc. But it was at the beginning of the 60’s that it became one of the first houses in the area to plant apple trees to start a fruit business.